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Secure guaranteed life insurance coverage without worrying for your existing health condition. By taking advantage of our specialist services, you could find a low cost policy for getting your life insured if you are in the age group 40 to 75 years. No medical exams or stringent procedures could be involved in securing the cover you want. To receive your free quotes, just fill and submit a quick online application.

Determine Eligibility To Find The Lowest Guaranteed Life Insurance Rates

You could be eligible for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy if you:

  • Are a resident of the U.S. who is in the age group 40 to 75 years
  • Have some pre-existing medical condition and don’t want to see a doctor
  • Intend to get your life insured as an individual as only individuals can get such coverage

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Know How A Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Coverage May Actually Work

  • You can’t be denied life insurance plan
    It is possible to get your life covered under such type of a policy even if you are over 50 years in age without undergoing any kind of medical tests.
  • Your acceptance for life cover is guaranteed
    If you obtain guaranteed life insurance coverage with our specialist guidance, financial protection for you and your spouse’s life is guaranteed as there is no question of denial of acceptance.
  • Build cash value with this policy is real possibility
    By securing guaranteed life coverage, you have the opportunity to build cash value over the entire term of the policy by making sure that you are paying the annual premium regularly.
  • You have the chance to work with a top rated company
    By using our local expert help, you have the chance to work with some top rated company in your area as all guaranteed issue life insurance companies in our national network are reputed.

Reap Huge Benefits With The Best Guaranteed Life Insurance Policy Now

At InsuranceQuoteLab.com, we help you to:

  • Acceptance is guaranteed – Acceptance for life insurance is guaranteed even if you are in the age between 50 and 75 years.
  • Instant accidental death coverage – Buy’s dependent is entitled to receive coverage amount immediately after his death, he only must tender a request.  
  • Refund of policy premium – If buyer dies within 2 years of getting a policy because of natural causes, his dependent will get complete refund of the coverage premium.
  • No tax is applicable to proceeds – No income tax is applicable on proceeds from guaranteed life insurance policies so dependents can get full coverage amount.
  • Extent of life coverage – The reach of life insurance cover could be extensive and buyer may be covered anywhere in the world
  • In case of early payout – Buyer will be entitled to receive early payout of the cover amount if he is diagnosed of having terminal illness once the full coverage becomes effective after the first 2 years. 
  • About fixed premiums and coverage – Premium as well as coverage will stay same over the entire life of policy.
  • Application process is easy – Buyer is not required to undergo any medical exam, he only needs to answer few health related questions.   

Get A Highly Customized Guaranteed Life Insurance Quote Online Today

The most precious thing on earth is life and so it is important that you get it insured in time so that you don’t have to worry about your family members should something happen to you in future. By securing a tailor-made solution from some reputed guaranteed life insurance company online, you could secure financial protection for your loved ones and enjoy peace of mind.

Explore and compare insurance quotes online to save money by comparing them in detail with active help from a competent local life insurance agent. Secure comprehensive insurance solutions and qualify for the lowest premiums in the market today.