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A life insurance coverage in which lump sum cash is paid to beneficiaries upfront in the form a guaranteed payment is called a single premium life insurance policy. In this type of a life cover money that is invested guarantees sizable benefits and there could be no tax on the proceeds.

Usually, such policies could be available in two major types as mentioned below:
  • Single premium whole life insurance policy
  • Single premium variable life insurance cover

However, while researching various available options at your disposal for single premium life insurance quotes, it is necessary that you educate yourself on the subject and make an informed decision

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The most common type of single premium life insurance policy or quotes is the 1035 Tax-Free Life Insurance Exchange Or Rollover Cover. Such kind of coverage is usually secured for protecting cash value in some older policy in case policy holder does not want to pay premium.

By securing a low cost single premium insurance quotes for insuring life, policyholder has the chance to transfer the cash value of an existing cover to an altogether new paid-up policy without paying any tax. Buyer is not required to pay any premium on the new coverage while creating a known death benefit and the policy will also provide a cash surrender value over a period of time.

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Tax Free Single Premium Life Insurance Plans As Alternative Investments

More and more people now prefer single premium life insurance quotes over annuity plans or certificate of deposit (CD) investments which are taxable. A paid-up life covers not only proves to be a safe and conservative investment but will grow and over a period of time and provide cost-free benefits to beneficiaries. Hence, they tune out to be great alternatives over the long run.

Some equity-indexed single premium life insurance quotes covers are fast gaining popularity among buyers as these keep on accumulating interests based on gains derived from market indexes without exposing the buyer to any kind of market risks. Besides, as these policies provide favourable caps, participation rates as well as spreads over fixed indexed life covers, they turn out to be better investment proposals.

Explore and compare insurance quotes online to save money by comparing them in detail with active help from a competent local life insurance agent. Secure comprehensive insurance solutions and qualify for the lowest premiums in the market today.

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